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Mastering fresh challenges for our oldest client
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Microsoft are a founding client. Since our inception in 2009, we have produced a number of their largest live communications, and sold Sponsorship across almost every one of their most prominent worldwide events.

Sponsorship & Partner Engagement

Our specialist sponsorship team have exceeded $30m in sales for Microsoft over three years. This extraordinary scale of revenue generation is only achievable with a comprehensive partner engagement process. We provide the full suite of services, designing sponsorship packages, pricing strategies, marketing materials and the experiences, before delivering the logistics, production and execution for 10 to 300+ Sponsors at venues worldwide.

Most recently in 2016 and 2017, we have rolled out a complex 17-city global roadshow. Following a full design and pre-production process, four sponsor stand kits have travelled the world on a complex shipping route, being met by our delivery team to be built and tailored to local sponsor needs.


Over the years, TechEd has demanded intricate technical build across Europe's major convention centres in Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid and Barcelona. This includes the build of vast keynote rooms to deliver technical demonstrations to audiences of almost 7,000, alongside the provision of more than 26 concurrently used breakout rooms.

Each year throws up fresh challenges in staging, production and revenue generation. In 2014, the client requested that two events be in the same venue and run back to back. This was a massive design challenge, but a key indicator of success was cutting cost. We managed to save $1.5 million across both events by utilising an innovative turnkey booth solution, and implementing 24-hour shifts to shrink a five day build into a weekend.

TechEd is also a good demonstration of our truly global style of management and understanding of cultural and professional nuances across international regions. 2013 took us to St Petersburg, where a procurement model required scenic services from the UK, projection LED and video control from Germany and lighting, power, rigging and logistics from within Russia. All elements came under the control of our specialist in-house Technical Management team, resulting in 90 minutes of seamless entertainment that included awards, dance and theatre - all within one of St.Petersburg's most iconic buildings: the 19th Century Alexandrinsky theatre.

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