Sheila Breysse

Walking through the woods gives everyone an opportunity to experience something different. Nature paints a landscape of change, uniqueness, and strength. The seasons bring to birth displays of growth, temporary retreat, and share new beginnings. For each of us, nature provides a canvas to see ourselves in a moment of time where all of who we are is real. Nature’s pursuit of excellence is continuous, always striving through determination and courage to evolve within the surroundings. I embrace nature as a place to explore my heart, my passion, and my dreams and watch my evolution. That is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

As a marketing expert across multiple industries for over twenty years, Sheila Breysse has managed, partnered and been a results-oriented leader across partner marketing, B2B and consumer. Sheila joined Nteractive as the Sponsor Community and RoB manager supporting the Microsoft account. Bringing her keen partner insight and ability to deliver what the partner wants, for each event and throughout the portfolio of offerings.

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