Ron Richter

I’m such a foodie, always looking to check out trendy new restaurants from famous and not quite yet famous chefs. I try all their dishes to learn new flavour combinations to tantalise the taste buds. From those experiences, I’ve become a pretty good self-taught chef. Cooking is my Zen, so I like to take those ideas and test them out in my own kitchen, with my own spin. It’s very satisfying to cook for other people and get their reactions. Some dishes are unsuccessful, but so many are successful and bring such happiness to so many – that is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Ron has been working with Microsoft since 2003, starting in the Microsoft Dynamics world and providing inside sales support for their partners, and then moving into Microsoft Event sales in 2010. His background in event sales brings a wide range of experience, having worked in sales, sales support and event logistics. Ron’s passions are cooking, travelling, watching professional sports, and spending quality time with friends.

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