Paul Haverly

Ever since I was given Aladin Sane when I was 10, David Bowie's music has been the soundtrack to my life. He was never content to stand still. Over one particularly prolific 10-year period he produced 10 remarkable albums, each taking his music in a new direction. That constant need to innovate and evolve never wavered - diagnosed with terminal cancer, he secretly recorded an album as a parting gift for his fans. Blackstar took his music somewhere entirely new once again. The album was released to rave reviews just two days before his death. That is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Paul prides himself on weaving the threads of different media together to create cohesive and compelling brand experiences. Over the years, Paul has worked for leading international brands on projects of all shapes and sizes. A three-year stint in Dubai as Creative Director of the region's first brand experience agency gave him a fresh perspective on directing and delivering projects. Similarly, three years as a creative consultant in the US for The Boeing Company afforded him valuable client-side insights.

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