Naomi Valler

When I discovered P!nk, I was a teenager and an instant fan. There wasn't one song on her album I didn't know word for word. 15 years on and six albums later, she's still top of my playlist. Every live show is flawless, and every person can relate to at least one of her songs. She's been credited numerous times for pushing limits, 'changing the game' and being fearless in the pursuit of her dreams. With fame behind her, she's proudly lent her voice to campaign for animal welfare, gender equality and to make a difference. That is DELIVERING EXPECTIONAL.

After finding a passion for organising and running events while at Microsoft, Naomi has never looked back. She is a perfectionist, content only with delivering the best; that keen eye for detail and her passion for people makes her a powerful and vibrant part of any project team. When she?s not working, or planning her next adventure, Naomi can be found digging out the latest read from a local charity shop.

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