Muriel Holdsworth

As I set off at 6am for the South Downs, with no phone or money, I feel both calm and excited for the day ahead. Where will the wind come from? What beautiful scenery will surround me? Who will I meet? How can I push my boundaries further? The sun is just rising. A flock of birds effortlessly manoeuvres from a tree top to a building. Soon, that will be me. The thrill of danger engulfs me. The adrenaline begins to surge. Paragliding: getting it right is a must. There is no room for error. That's DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

As Client Services Director, Muriel focuses on strategically leading client accounts, teams and projects. This is impossible without obtaining a deep understanding of clients and their brands, and developing trusting relationships inside and out. A French national and fluent in German and English (luckily), she's particularly thrilled when working internationally. Every day, she's inspired by the power of live creative communications.

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