Meredith Morris

Around nine or 10 years old, my brothers would suit me up as an ice hockey goalie and practice shooting at me. So, in middle school I tried out for our field hockey team as a goalie. My goal was to do the least amount of running as possible, but in the end I was the one leading the team runs at the front of the pack and was honourable mention goalie for the team. Goalies have a full and unique perspective of the field of play, directing traffic while defending the goal – that, to me, is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Meredith joined the Nashville office after foodie freelancing in Miami. She was an integral part of the project team that helped open six hotels for Omni Hotels and Hyatt. Her attitude and approach to business and events, as in life, is that one needs to be authentic and customer centric. Quite simply we are each other’s customer.

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