Matt Brownfield

The best concert I've worked on was for Rufus Thomas who'd had a hit or two in the 70s including, 'Do the funky chicken'. Never heard of him? Don't worry - neither had anyone in Sheffield in the mid-Nineties. Needless to say, no one bought any tickets to the concert. Aged about 78, he walked on stage dressed in a pair of glittery shorts and matching jacket. He surveyed the mostly empty and decidedly sceptical room, shrugged, and launched into the set. A few tracks in, everyone in the building was dancing to the septuagenarian. That is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

We call Matt our Technical Director because he directs and produces shows - but he's so much more than that. Matt is a strategic maestro and uses his experience to help clients squeeze every drop of value from their events. He also runs our Microsoft account while providing technical direction for their keynote events across Europe and beyond.

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