Liberty Waterman

The Chateauneuf-du-Pape rests in its glass, generously poured and exactly where it should be – in my hand. The sweet smell of a vanilla candle sets the scene. And then I’m away! Transported to the hustle & bustle of the East End. I have Kimberly Chambers to thank for this zap from reality. From working on Roman Road market, DJing in clubs to becoming a cab driver; I’m truly grateful for her final career move – a British crime author. The peace of my 8pm weekday date: a Kimberly Chambers novel, wine and a pair of joggers – that is my DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

At 18 years’ old, Liberty was organising and producing large scale events for the Rugby Football Union. This led to a role in corporate events with Oracle. While there, Liberty planned & executed around 40 events annually in the UK & Ireland. Leaving work behind for 12 months to travel South East Asia & to work in Australia, she is now back in England, excited & eager to pursue her next brand experience adventure! With expertise in customer service and a pure passion for events of all shapes & sizes, she hopes to achieve some amazing results within Nteractive.

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