Lesley Harrison

Those who know me well know I like a good cocktail. Whether it's a delicious Cosmopolitan or a refreshing Mojito, a blend based on a rare spirit or a vintage Champagne, creating a fine cocktail requires the finest ingredients, preparation by an expert mixologist and the perfect delivery. Anyone can mix ingredients. Anyone can shake a shaker. But only those who treat cocktail making as a passion and an art will succeed in DELVIERING EXCEPTIONAL. Cosmopolitan please.

Lesley joined us in June 2014 after eight years as Head of Events at Azzurri Communications. Working with a global team, Lesley uses her experience and diligence to ensure Symposiums and Global Incentive events attended by thousands go off without a hitch. Lesley's special skill is aiming to have answers for client questions before they've been asked. She is always one-step ahead.

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