Juliet Rowe

An unfortunate by-product of business travel is becoming immune to the destinations you visit (it's Tuesday so this must be Canada). But one day you awake early morning on a floating houseboat, moored on an inlet of UNESCO World Heritage site Clayoquot Sound in Vancouver Island. There are grey whales in the ocean, golden eagles gliding above the trees and brown bears catching fish in the river. When you step out on your balcony to take a deep breath of the cleanest, clearest air you have ever experienced, you cannot fail to be emotionally moved. That's nature, DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

As Operations Director, Juliet's role is to keep everything at Nteractive running smoothly. Well, she does that - and more. With bags of experience in events logistics, Juliet also gets involved with event management on the Gartner account. Whether it's for the company or our clients, she's known for making complicated things simple - as well as her budgetary expertise and mastery of data.

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