Jon Crompton

The Mercedes PU106-Type Hybrid F1 car has over 3,000 components, 24 valves and a fuel flow rate of over 100kg per hour. A 1.6 litre turbo-charged engine injects an extra 160hp boost from a kinetic energy recovery system to generate over 750 metric horsepower, pushing Lewis Hamilton to his 2nd World Championship title. Three consecutive race wins with one engine, ten wins in seventeen races, ten pole positions, 21 podium finishes and zero race engine failures - that's DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Jon's job is to turn ideas into reality by managing a range of suppliers to deliver events above the expectations of clients. Being a highly technical self-confessed gadget geek means Jon can often suggest the best equipment & methods for the tasks in hand, increasing production values and keeping costs down. This man doesn't stop. On a build day, he can walk 20 miles without leaving the venue

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