Jinal Shah

I look down at the belayer. I’m nearly at the top but he’s still able to read what I’m about to do. He takes in slack from the rope, I steady myself and lean back to rest my arms, just for a second. I’m ready to go again. I shout, ‘have you got me?’ and go for that move to reach the top. There’s an innate need to operate at the peak of our abilities. Trusting my belayer allows me to reach the peak, and they must make split second decisions to keep me safe. Between us that is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Jinal spent several years working in global marketing teams in the technology space. He enjoys helping clients create and execute marketing strategies from beginning to end, with a passion to use live experiences as the cornerstone. Outside of work you’ll find Jinal hiking, climbing, kayaking or doing anything outdoors! He also runs a Cub and Scout group in London.

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