Jeremy Lankshear

It’s March 2nd, 1959. In Columbia Record’s cavernous 30th Street Studio, six of New York’s finest jazz musicians stand poised, Miles Davis hunched in the centre. After years of painstaking practice, and with a deep understanding of the power of collaborating – listening, responding, adapting, contributing – six musicians come together to create a ground-breaking sound that will be considered THE definitive jazz album. Six unquestionable talents, of course. One genius, almost definitely. But the years of preparation and true collaboration made the genre-defining masterpiece, Kind of Blue. An album that oozes cool from every note. That’s DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Jeremy cut his teeth in the world of corporate awards, before going on to lead a wealth of corporate, B2C and public shows across the world. He is a firm believer that the right people, the right planning and a healthy dose of positivity are the foundations of a successful project no matter the size. When not delivering a show, you’ll find Jeremy exploring the stunning surroundings of the South Downs with his two daughters.

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