Jen Jeng

Many years ago, I stumbled upon TED Talks. The sheer volume of information is astounding. I devour it like drinking from a firehose. There are just so many talks, it’s impossible not to find one that can teach you something. TED also teaches us how to become better and impactful communicators. Consider the TED Talk format: start with a personal story, use more pictures than words, and deliver in 18 minutes. TED has inspired me to reframe my worldview and transform my thinking for the better. That is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Jen started her career in retail and worked for several blue-chip UK retailers: M&S, John Lewis, Selfridges, AS Watson (Superdrug, Savers). She had been responsible for business strategy, digital experience and service proposition development. Jen moved agency side three years ago and has been focusing on integrated brand comms planning and experiential strategy. Jen’s working style is collaborative, and she enjoys bringing multidisciplinary teams together to solve problems creatively. She believes that experiential marketing is the future of customer engagement.

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