Jade McDonald

There are no other fruits that compare to the pineapple. It naturally takes prominence in the fruit bowl, an icon among second rate items, just waiting for someone to take on the ‘all or nothing’ challenge. Standing tall and bold, wearing a crown, it is resilient on the outside yet sweet and textured on the inside. Showing off its interchangeable nature – a pizza topping one day, a house decoration the next. It is flexible, versatile and above all delicious. That is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Jade joined us in 2018 after kicking her career off in 'Events' at a leading global agency, where she joined as an intern and worked up to Project Manager. Her experience is well-rounded and she obtains a great understanding of the events industry. She believes that collaboration is the fundamental factor of successful teamwork and will be getting involved in internal processes to enhance our Venue and Supplier relationships as well as delivering events.

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