Issy Steer

The pounding music, the hot sweaty air, and the energy of a frenzied mass jumping up and down. Singing at the top of your voice as the ground vibrates and a riot of flashing colours light the sky. The electric atmosphere pulsates through the crowd uniting thousands of people in one spot. There is no experience quite like a music festival where a single song can connect a thousand bodies and create a buzz that is indescribable. To me that is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Issy joined Nteractive as project coordinator after completing her BSc Marketing degree. After a year of working in digital marketing and her role as Vice President of the university cheerleading team, Issy found that her talents and interests laid within events. Issy’s role involves administrative and logistics support which – teamed with her strong organisational and collaborative skills – contributes to the success of Nteractive events.

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