Hugo Dawson

Haruki Murakami is the master at articulating the sub-conscious. For all his layered worlds, all his burdened characters, what resounds are the simple notes. Like the depth of loneliness conveyed in a sprawling paragraph about cooking spaghetti and drinking half a can of beer. I'm captivated - and yet I'm reading a translation. Perhaps I've missed out on much of the idiom, but a potent, pan-cultural connection remains. That is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Hugo specialises in content development and copywriting for brand experiences and communications. Across his career he has undertaken a variety of roles anchored by rich content, from multimedia copywriting within design teams, to live event project management, film and video production, and sales and marketing. As a result, he has developed a holistic understanding of the industry, worked across numerous sectors and combines his ability to craft creative content with a keen interest in brand and communications strategy.

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