Hilary Watson

Like many British people, I was excited and also a bit apprehensive when it was announced London had won the hosting of the 2012 Olympics. London and the UK holding the biggest show on earth?! I also knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of this iconic event! I was incredibly lucky to be one of 200 Heathrow ambassadors greeting competing global athletes as they arrived in the UK. The extraordinary opening ceremony showcased, unashamedly and amazingly, the very best of British. Our athletes excelled, the nation’s pride was intoxicating and we truly DELIVERED EXCEPTIONAL.

Hilary’s new business career spans integrated advertising, creative, branding, marketing and experiential agencies. Her approach is to identify potential for new client relationships and involves a hybrid of informed and relevant approaching whilst working in close collaboration with all the teams at Nteractive. Hilary’s experience has been built over years of intuitively seeking brands and businesses who share the same vision, beliefs and goals making for robust, highly enjoyable and, most importantly, successful relationships all underpinned with a decent smattering of humour!

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