Ferne Taylor

Ibiza: it's a place where people of all ages, races, religions and sexual orientations can enjoy themselves without fear of judgement or discrimination. You can dance until 7am in a super club or relax in total peace and tranquillity in the hills. You can sunbathe on an isolated beach, or you can lie on a day bed drinking Dom Perignon. Eat amazing seafood or succumb to a greasy burger. It's up to you - Ibiza is a place that entirely embraces diversity and lets you be whoever you want to be. That is DELIVERING EXEPTIONAL.

Ferne studied politics at university, but after an admin role at Kingston University led to her organising her first event - a graduation for 2000 students - she never looked back. Five years at a leading global events agency taught her all aspects of event and sponsorship logistics, and a further two years in-house at Samsung heading up their UK and Ireland B2B events taught her what it means to be a client. It's this knowledge that helps Ferne solve client problems so efficiently.

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