Faye Wood

Start with the basics: butter, eggs, flour and sugar. Then get creative with the add-ons: flavours, colours, textures, design. Precise measurements and a clear process leads to delivery, but attention to detail delivers success. Making sure to mix the butter and eggs until smooth and pale, mixing the eggs one at a time and the flour little by little to ensure everything is blended fully. Preparation and planning, even at the last minute, leads to the perfect cake. Adding in personality with your favourite flavour or icing is literally the cherry on top. That is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Faye joined the events world seven years ago, starting from the bottom up and learning all areas in between. After four years producing events for Oracle in the UK & Ireland, she moved into corporate events within EMEIA at Ernst & Young, with the most recent transition into experiential to deliver large scale global events for clients such as Facebook, Oculus and Instagram. Covering a broad spectrum of the industry has given Faye a unique insight, and having been both client and agency side means she is best positioned to ensure all elements are seamlessly delivered.

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