Ellie King

Four-times World Champions, the California All Star Smoed cheerleaders do not use pom-poms. These all-star athletes train and condition daily and have a team built on trust and respect. Together they perform stunts up to 16ft into the air, complete tumble passes admired by professional gymnasts and execute jump sequences ending in back tucks and handsprings. They make the seemingly impossible look effortless. And although they are all talented as individuals, they are known for what they do as a team. That is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

As Production Coordinator, Ellie plays a crucial role in the conception and delivery of creatively-led projects. Ellie originally joined us as a Project Coordinator after graduating from university with a First Class Honours Degree in Events and Leisure Marketing. Her talents and interests clearly extended beyond the realms of project management and event services, and she now forms part of the agency's production team where she helps to produce a range of brand experiences.

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