Elle Wimberly

The snick of the lock; the thud of the bolt. A head raises sleepily, but lethargy swiftly dissipates in a full body wiggle. Bowser shimmies his way to the door, emitting excitable whale-like noises. The door isn’t even fully open, but my snorting dog is eagerly bouncing on the spot on the other side of the glass. Like teenage cheerleaders during homecoming pep rally, a prancing choreography ensues as I two-step around him to put away my keys. Whether I've been gone five minutes, hours or days, Bowser greets me with shining eyes of heartfelt joy. That's DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL love.

A Nashville native, Elle was the Director of Events for four years at a local venue. With a desire to work directly with clients, she began freelancing with Nteractive. After a year, Elle enthusiastically joined the agency full-time. Flexibility is core to her professional approach, combining an ability to adapt on the fly with a pervasive commitment to high standards of excellence – all in the name of leaving her clients wowed.

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