Daisy Bayliss

My piano teacher, Carol Shorter, is an accomplished pianist, organist, music teacher, chorister and conductor. She was truly, inspirational, motivational and supportive of my musical education. And I was one of many to benefit; for instance, Carol was instrumental in aiding the musical career of prize-winning musician, Ian Tindale, instructing him on music theory and the organ. Teachers who understand how to nurture your passions are unforgettable and help shape so much of who you are. To me, Carol Shorter is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Daisy Bayliss joined the team in 2019 having achieved BA hons 2.1 in live event and music management. She is driven to become a Production Manager in live events, and got a first-hand taste of that experience by volunteering as a Production Assistant for the prestigious Henley Festival. Daisy presents a relentless can do attitude and is a smart worker and team player – all the important ingredients to help her further her career aspirations at Nteractive.

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