Christine Kiesling

Each time I open a bottle of wine I can't wait to listen to what it has to say. Will it be straightforward, or will it challenge me with layers of complexity? Wine making is part art, part science and a whole lot of natural intervention. A talented wine maker can use refined techniques to develop something of real beauty, whether it' a modest, everyday wine or world-class cuvee. It just needs to trigger the senses: taste, smell, colour - and the sound of lively discussion as people gather around the perfect bottle. That is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Christine has built a reputation as a strategic Experiential Marketing and Client Services Executive. She has led some of the most critical strategic experiential marketing projects for multi-billion dollar global clients. As a brand champion, Christine develops a deep understanding of clients business objectives and leverages that knowledge to create impactful strategic plans. With strong tactical planning and execution acumen, Christine has led projects to dramatic gains in revenue and event attendance. Clients include IBM, The Home Depot, Pitney Bowes, CA Technologies, Sony Pictures, Gartner, CSC and athenahealth, among others.

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