Christi Campbell

Shouting words of encouragement to the child who is focused on getting the Bow Drill to spark an ember big enough to start a fire. The glint in their eye when they realise that they have done something with their own two hands and that there are options other than drugs or other substances. Sometimes the right words at the right time make all the difference. Having the privilege of working with delinquent children in a wilderness survival environment inspires one to take on new ideas, have courage in the face of adversity and that, to me, is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Christi has been involved in the event industry for over 10 years, working closely with Tier One clients on large scale global events. She has been part of four Olympic Games and other incentive programs. She enjoys a good conversation with anyone who’s interested and easily makes lasting friendships through her style and professionalism. She prides herself on delivering the highest quality of work both professionally and personally and believes that it’s the small details that make the largest impact.

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