Carla Letchford

Years of preparation - a gruelling, 120-miles-a-week training regime - and 80,000 spectators packed into a stadium, all eagerly awaiting the start of the race. The runners take to the track. It's the 10,000m final. He takes his place among them, heart pounding. Bang! The sound of the gun and the race begins. Britain watches his every stride. The race is hard-fought. Face gritted with determination, he passes every one of his opponents, crossing the line in 27 minutes, 30.42 seconds. He wins gold for Great Britain. Mo Farah, double Olympic champion. That is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Carla joined us back in October 2013. As Sponsorship Manager, she's charged with organising and tailoring packages to meet the client's exact requirements. For Carla, it's all about the personalised service. Detail and efficiency are two of her strong points, along with her famed rapid responses and genuine love of her work.

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