Brittany Olsen

The amount of preparation it takes to create the perfect pasta, the various shapes, sizes and colours of the noodle; the perfect amount of sauce. Pasta has influenced and given cuisine a sense of fashion, invention, freedom and ability to experiment. It isn’t just nourishment, it’s life. Family gatherings are frequent and often centred around this dish and an extended network of friends. Bringing people together all around the world with this beautiful concoction – that is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

A Nashville native, Brittany was the Director of Events for a hospitality group where she oversaw upwards of 200 events a year. Brittany joined Nteractive after spending the last seven years planning and overseeing events for various corporate groups and country music labels in Nashville, TN. Brittany believes that events are built by putting together the perfect collection of ingredients to create an exceptional recipe that leaves her clients coming back for another bite.

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