Bradley Cooney

The Brazilian sun beats down as you sail across the water. All you hear is the wind and the deep tones of house music. At the dock, the engine cuts to a buzz of local fans. A group at the bar offer you an ice-cold beer and invite you to join. Around you are pockets of colour - flags and shirts from across the world, celebrating the experience with no common language. After the final whistle, the bars erupt into a carnival on the waterline. 64 matches and a festival of colour and noise - that is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Bradley came on board as Project Co-ordinator in 2014, fresh off the plane having worked at the World Cup in Brazil. Organised and collaborative, he plays a key role in our venue selection process before getting stuck into the logistics and operations of the events themselves. Bradley specialises in making clients' lives a breeze. This means leaving nothing to chance and anticipating all potential problems.

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