Ashleigh Nancarrow

Caring, supportive and fun to be around. Someone you can call to bring you up when you’re feeling low. A person who makes you forget your worries and your fears just by being nearby. Taking trips down memory lane, then fast forwarding to the next genius plan. Someone you know will be there for you no matter what. Someone you could be a thousand miles apart from, and still feel as close to as ever before. That is real friendship, and to me that’s DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

With a passion for numbers and problem solving, Ashleigh insists on getting it right first time, ensuring she knows each step thoroughly before she takes the next. Starting out in hairdressing, Ashleigh quickly learned that creativity wasn’t one of her strengths. Thanks to a good friend, she discovered the accounting world and has never looked back. At home, Ashleigh enjoys every adventure possible while bringing up her two boys.

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