Andrew Smith

Nick Sanders is best known for his extreme motorcycle journeys. He has ridden around the world 7 times - 2 times of which he can’t actually remember. Having also motorbiked the length of the Americas eight times, he presently holds the record for a double transit from Alaska to Ushuaia and back in 46 days. Yet this “ordinary man in his extraordinary world,” also held the Guinness record for bicycling around the world, which he did in 138 days, then a second time in 79 days. That’s DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Andrew has been fortunate to learn from, and be inspired by many talented individuals working within award winning agencies. He has helped deliver advertising, experiential and integrated marketing campaigns for healthcare, technology, automotive and FMCG clients within the UK and internationally. Andrew's keen eye for detail and extensive technical knowledge, help him to expertly deliver projects when accuracy is key and time limited.

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