Andrew Savill

In an increasingly fast and complex world, sometimes slowing things down and keeping life simple can be just the tonic. Kept In this jar are the two core ingredients required to make the most beautiful tasting sourdough: flour & water. Fed and mixed with a little warmth, time and love creates the perfect conditions for natural wild yeast. These magical micro-organisms spring to life, fermentation begins, enabling structure, nutrients and taste to form. Sometimes it’s the things that you can’t see, like good bacteria, that are DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Andrew’s perspective always defaults to the user experience. Joining the dots between the host brand, the target audience and – increasingly – the affiliated partner. What is the purpose of this event? What’s in it for everyone? What value is exchanged? How else can we inspire people to come back for more – ultimately, helping clients shape and define what comes next. Business Development is no longer just about building relationships between event teams and creative or production; it’s about having a point of view, and understanding the drivers behind people and brands, their needs and ambitions.

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