Alexa Curcio

Villanova had given up a 10-point lead against UNC in the 2016 NCAA Basketball Championship game. With 4.7 seconds left, Arcidiacono dribbled up court and heard Jenkins yelling, ‘Arch! Arch! Arch!’ Jenkins caught Arcidiacono's pass, the ball left his fingertips just as the buzzer sounded, and...BANG. Villanova won their first National Championship game since 1985. After years of failing to get past the tournament’s first week, they had a run only rivalled by their very own 1985 team. As confetti fell from the ceiling, the team gathered to repeat their mantra: ‘we play for those who came before us.’ That is DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL.

Alexa began her journey as an event producer in 2012, and has since been working to turn innovative ideas into large scale productions and one of a kind brand experiences. After leaving the concrete jungle she called home, Alexa moved to the lively, vibrant city of Nashville and joined the Nteractive team. With a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, and over twenty-six years of dance training, Alexa has a rare combination of attention to detail, vibrant creativity, and adventurousness. She has learned the importance of wearing different hats in the event industry, and takes great pride in her ability to do so.

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